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July 2007

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Back again?

Who knows.
Whenever I seem to start playing something seems to happen that prevents it.

Ah well, some reading first to catch up and who knows, I might try to make your life a little bit more difficult again shortly ;-)

Post Date: Jul 5, 2007 - 6:24 am

Time goes by.... nothing changes ... part II

As  I said before, time goes by... nothing changes.
Some people will never learn that they shouldn't be floating around in open space (especially without an escape pod), I'll never learn that I'm not as good as multi tasking as I always think I am.

Here I was happily going along, slowly making my way up the rankings.
I was chatting to Big, doing a conference call at work and having some fun attacking a sector.
All went well until I clicked on fight instead of A&R.
In itself not the worst thing in the world except that there was about 20 times more SD than I could take on.
Ah well, it was only a small voy so I replaced it and played on.
Then I scouted a bit in my good ship, found a nice sector, got the new voy out and... hit a huge minefield destroying my second a&r ship of the day.
Again, not a big deal except... I forgot to buy a pod
Got to love the irony of that.

Like I always say... first thing you should do is buy a pod. Time I start listening to myself  

Post Date: Nov 16, 2006 - 3:09 pm

time goes by.. nothing changes

As the title says... time goes by... nothing changes.

That is to say, people still don't cover their tracks and people still don't carry pods.

Just playing for a couple of days gave me a kill count of seven which puts me 5th in main for kills.
Granted, I had to destroy 2 of my own ships to do it (people kept floating out of my range when I was about to shoot them) but still.. 7 kills in only a few days, 2 of them fatal (i.e. no pod)?
You have to agree that's a lot and something that those players could have (in most cases) avoided.
(btw, if your score is 10 times mine and you're sector defenses are about 80 times what I can take on... I'm not attacking you, I just need to get rid of a ship ;-)

On to the things at hand.
It took me a while to get used to the changes. I'm still not sure what I think about the shipyards on the planets. Part of me thinks it's great, part of me thinks it's not so great. For now I'll decide to remain undecided.

Sector missile... I love it !
Honestly, I do.
Yes, you're very right. When people start using it against me I might feel different but for now I think it's the best thing since... well, since the last best thing that somebody came up with :-)
That said, I think PJ may be right. They may be too unbalanced for the price they come at.
I can't wait to play with them in a tourney though as I see a nice roll for them there.

That's all for now folks. Who knows, maybe I'll manage to free up enough time to stick around for a while... if not... watch this space for another update several months down the line ;-)

Oh and hello everybody. Long time no see :-)

*waves hello*

Post Date: Nov 1, 2006 - 8:15 am


There's a good thing about being away for a while, people forget who you are.
You get called everything from n00b to Crash&burn (no offense crash) but nobody seems to be able to guess it.

Yep, I've been playing .21 again
Funilly enough, I don't like it as much anymore after playing .30
It's too much like running on autopilot and that tends to get boring after a while.
Ah well, like Big I guess I'll be done playing .21 from now on (although I may finish the current game).

That said, I think .21 is a good environment for new players to learn as it's a bit more easy to play so I hope people will keep running .21 servers for a while.

Besides, I guess I would be game for .21 tourneys if I have time.
Who knows, the future will tell.

Post Date: Jan 14, 2006 - 12:46 pm

Ok, one last try . . . .

If you don't want to get slaughtered. . . .


Don't ever go directly to your sector, whipe your trail first.
Don't ever go from sector to sector, whipe your trail in between
Carry deflectors. Hold on... carry a shitload of deflectors. When you think you've got too many deflectors that's when you're getting close to the minimum you need.
Put up SD. Put up lots of SD. If for no other reason then to have fun watching other people trying to take it down when they're breaking into worthless sectors

I am still amazed by the amount of people that don't erase their tracks. Now this has always been an important think but I think it will be even more important once 0.30 is running on every server.
Think about it. Now you can do sequential scans and you'll eventually find sectors. That will no longer be an option. Scouting will become much harder unless.... yep, unless you don't erase your tracks.
Leave them in place and we'll just follow you into your lair. Erase them and somebody will actually have to go into every sector to find you (unless (s)he happens to stumble over your entrance tracks before it deteriorates)

Oh, and keep in mind.... lvl 39 cloak can still lose out to planets with sensors below lvl 30 if you get a bad role of the dice

Post Date: Jan 5, 2006 - 10:55 am
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